Bemutató: 2020.02.27.
Sits down, stands up, looks around, runs to the right, jumps to the left, plays, discovers things. Searches. Finds? What can the colourful box hide? Treasure or trash? Everyday stuff?
What can we do with a shoe, fire or water? What to do when we get stuck, for instance in our own hands? If our leg goes backward, if our head nods spontaneously? Try to discover it! How many fingers do I have? Is this my knee? If I jump here, do I get there? Is this all ME and nobody else? How alike everything is and yet so different! This playful performance based on gestures and choreographic movements is about exploring ourselves and our environment – for the smallest ones.
Dramaturgy: Tamás Somogyi
Designer: Ottó Szabó
Choreography: Rita Góbi
Composer: Csaba Gyulai
Direction: Rita Góbi
Cast: Ágnes Fekete