Bemutató: 2020.02.27.
Miu is a cat, and Vau is a dog. They are best friends. Best friends usually do everything together, they cycle to the moon, and they organise a flea market. It also happens that one of them is a competitor at a singing contest while the other is a jury member. Best friends fight a lot, and love a lot also. The famous finnish writer, Timp Parvela depicts humans in his witty animal stories; we have chosen nine out of those and it is not only for children that they are recommended.
Writer: Timo Parvela
Designer: Zsófia Rumi, Katalin Sipos
Music: László Laun
Assistant Director: Krisztina Nagy
Dramaturg: Róbert Markó
Direction: Angéla Kolozsi (Blattner Géza-award winner)
Cast: Zsuzsanna Benkő, Zoltán Dávid György