Bemutató: 2020.02.27.
During the railroad constructions the workers lose their tools under mysterious circumstances. All of them get scared and flee the area. Jack, the young guy is the only one who is brave enough to walk into the forest and try to find out what happened. Who follows him in the woods and how many magic eggs will he need to be able to fight the fearless beasts? Jack, the saviour answers all our questions.


Green Marty Playground and Seven Tests for Outlaws
This outdoor playground is specially designed in the theme of historical outlaw figues from Hungarian folk tradition. The seven different types of games are witty and creative and after completing all the tests the children can get an official certificate that proves they are professional outlaws. The games are: horse jumpers, outlaw hide-and-seek, carousel, nut-toter, oxen-dragger, porkling-stealer, and darts.


This playground features games with lambs and wolves. The children can run with cycling lambs, they can dress up the small lambs in different costumes at a table, or they can feed the marionette-lamb puppets with grass and other fruits. They can also feed wolves with carrots and other treats, so the lambs will not be eaten by the martinets!
Writer: Anna Sándor, Danny Bain
Composer: Melinda Bain, Danny Bain
Designer: Ákos Mátravölgyi (Blattner Géza-award winner)
Direction: Viktória Szántó