Veszprém-Balaton 2023. Zrt.
Code of call: OC-AUD/1-2022
Identification number: OC-AUD/1-2022/115634

Although our theatre does not belong to the primary tourist attraction of the town, we improved our services significantly while preparing for the ECC year both professionally, and in terms of infrastructure, since we had to modify our professional profile: so far we have addressed, with more or less success, the local residents, whereas now we are building upon tourists as potential audience. This requires professional content of a completely different profile, because we are no longer only expecting our regular audience of long years to come to our events, but addressing whoever is open to (puppet) theatre, regardless of age or mother tongue. This could be achieved primarily with the help of Cicadia Family Festival, but even at our weekend events, we are awaiting spectators who are spending their vacation in Veszprém. That is why the complete communication strategy of the theatre has undergone modification, whereby an increasing emphasis is put on the communication of our ars poetica and the social values we represent. The present application is helping us develop a product selection which blends this changed (touristic) function with our creative theatrical perspective. The hosts of our festival, Queen Juniper (Boróka királynő) and King Habakkuk (Habakukk király), as the reigning royal couple, would hold sightseeing tours for families with little children, where new costumes and a throne would be necessary. For our theatre, the ambition to operate sustainably is slowly becoming a factor that influences our everyday activities, and to support this, under the work-in-progress title of Green Playing Space, we are developing a creative and educational space which stresses the importance of the protection of waters for every guest who visits us. Accessibility of disabled and elderly people is essential for us, and for its development we are going to provide packages to our visitors which might help the individual regulation of potentially too intense impulses, and sign language translations with the help of a tablet for visitors who are hard of hearing..