Saint Margaret Legend
Date:2023.06.06 | Duration: 60 Minutes 12+

After seven secles we just have no chance to understand the saint, Saint Margaret. If we still want to try, we must go back to the little girl who was offered up to Christ. We know all of personages, we understand the grown-up’s world, but who is standing in the middle all the time is she, the pure and innocent little girl, affianced to the strong and committed human, Christ.


Recommended for adults, and youngsters over age of 12.

Writer: Balázs Szálinger (József Attila Award-winner)

Designer: Péter Trifusz

Composer: Lászlóffy Zsolt

Director: Géza Kovács (Blattner Géza Award-winner)



                                   Zsuzsanna Benkő 

                                   Imola Gidófalvi 

                                   Péter Inoka 

                                   Ágoston Jakab Mészáros 

                                   Jakab Sebestény 

                                   Réka Urbánné Szívós 

Guest Artists:

                                   Bori Varga

                                   Angéla Kolozsi


Soloists: Regina Nagy, Zsuzsanna Hegedűs, Katalin Somfai

Music Director: Gabriella Borbásné Gazdag, Conductor of the Gizella Women's Choir

Collaborating partner is the Mesebolt Puppet Theater from Szombathely.


Workshop: Péter Kerekes, Krisztina Somogyi, Zsida Ágnes