Regö rejtem
Date:2018.11.11 | Duration: 45 Minutes 4+

Let a celebration be beautiful! – said the Teacher, the Nightguard, the Baker,
and these three – good friends as they were – grabbed saw and chisel and the brush of a painter,
learnt poems from grandfathers, beautiful old songs:
“Be merry! The little boy has dropped from heaven,
born for you, the little Jesus!”
Foreseeably, the Nightguard, the Teacher, the Baker
will also knock on your doors with the Angelic Wardrobe:
May one enter with Bethlehem?

Photo: Roland Peka

Photo: Peka Roland

Writer: Gáborján Kovács
Poems: Szilárd Borbély, Gáborján Kovács
Designer: Kata Várszegi
Music: Béla Ágoston, Gáborján Kovács
Assistant director: Zsuzsanna Benkő
Director: László Rumi (Blattner Géza Award winner)

Csongor Berta
Patrik Miller
András Szőke Kavinszki