On The Road
Date:2014.06.22 | Duration: 40 Minutes 5+

The performance represents a situation which can be familiar to everyone who has ever learned a foreign language or just traveled to another country: our characters are trying to get around at a train station. They try to communicate with fellow passengers or they just want to sit on the bench. How can a young man make himself understandable when he doesn’t speak the language? Will the little girl use what she studied in school? What will happen to the mysterious lady?

Music: László Nyitrai
Design: Enikő Bodnár
Story, dramaturgy: Viktória Szántó
Direction: Gyöngyi Érsek-Csanádi

Cast: Anita Baranyai/ Lenke Mákszem, Edina Lovászi, Gergő Erdei



Péter Kerekes 

Krisztina Somogyi 

Ágnes Zsida