All-leg acrobats
Date:2022.10.28 | Duration: 50 Minutes 5+

Whoever has once attended knows that in the circus miracles happen. The acrobats spin and whirl, jump somersaults, walk ropes so easily that we can’t help but wonder: is that possible as well?

Whoever has once seen it knows that in the puppet theatre miracles happen. The puppets are fidgety characters: they defy gravity as majestically as their light-footed fellow acrobats. They stand upside down or wobble in their funny ways like flour-faced clowns.

In this spectacular show, musicians, jugglers and long-legged comedians hit the stage bringing pulsating rhythm and unlimited joy to our everyday life.

Little Ladies and little Gentlemen! The All-Leg Circus warm-heartedly welcomes young and old alike!


Recommended age: 5 to 99 years

Actors, jugglers, musicians: 


Gergő Erdei invited guest artist

Jakab Sebesetény


Bálint Turai invited guest artist

László Rumi invited guest artist

István Tihanyi invited guest artist

Play host: László Rumi (Blattner Géza Award winner)

Puppet designer: Edit Szalma

Workshop: Péter Kerekes, Krisztina Somogyi, Ágnes Zsida