Date:2023.07.28 | Duration: 60 Minutes 4+

Our circus emerged from the mystic hat of the wandering wizard Maxicirculades. Its gates are opened by seven great clowns, who always arrive where they are needed. Because our circus floor is attended not by qualified artistes, but by those who look for shelter and encouragement for a short time: the stalked naggies, the blind elephant expelled from everywhere, the polecats which hardly can keep fitting in their skin, the hens desiring to fly, the enormously coward rabbit, and so many others. So what should be admired in our circus? That even the greatest affliction can be spinned into a dance of joy, that there is escape from all cages, that also the most horrible anger can be tempered, that it is worth fighting with self cowardice, and that everyone has some special gift deep inside. We'll vivificate for you all of these, with lots of beautiful puppets, songs, music and with everlasting enthusiasm.


The performance is recommended from 4 years.

Writer: Milada Boráros

Designer: Szilárd Boráros

Music: Dániel Takács

Choreographer: Zsuzsanna Lehőcz

Director: Milada Boráros



Zsuzsanna Benkő 

Imola Gidófalvi 

Péter Inoka 

Ágoston Jakab Mészáros 

Jakab Sebestény 

Réka Urbánné Szívós 

Guest artist:

Bence Valkó 



Kerekes Péter, Somogyi Krisztina, Ágnes Zsida