Cojugookila, the Witch
Date:2017.05.21 | Duration: 50 Minutes 3+

Jaylee, the magician-musician invites us to join him for a story into his little hut, which is located in wonderful Africa. He tells us the story of Sunjee and Kalilee while playing on various instruments, and we get to know a brave jumping mouse, a graceful gazelle, and the ruthless witch whose name is Kodzsugukila. During the performance all kinds of wonders may happen, and this is why it is also possible that even the drums can speak.

Ages from 3 years.

Photo: Peka Roland

Writer: Anna Sándor
Composer: Danny Bain
Direction: Viktória Szántó
Designer: Enikő Bodnár
Cast: Danny Bain


Workshop: Krisztina Somogyi, Péter Kerekes, Ágnes Zsida
Technology: Benedek Bálint, Zoltán Boros