Two little penguins
Date:2020.05.28 | Duration: 40 Minutes 3+

Ping and Pong, the two little penguins, are preparing for their fifth birthday celebration. Panga, their father, hasn’t invited War-ous Walrus and Gawkish Sawfish, because they are always naughty in the kindergarten. The two naughty boys decide to take revenge: Gawkish Sawfish saws off the part of the ice floe where the penguins are getting warm by the fireplace – and that marks the beginning of an adventurous journey around the world. The Penguins get to Africa, where Munio, the monkey handyman, instantly converts the fireplace into a ship. This helps them get to Australia, South America, where they get acquainted with the various seas, after which they arrive home, thanks to Munio, by helicopter, and finally they can celebrate their birthdays.

Writer: Gyula Urbán
Designer: Kata Hadházi
Composer: Zoltán Vince Laczó
Assistant director: Dorottya Lucia Taba
Director: Gyula Urbán

Players: Zsuzsanna Benkő, Csongor Berta, Gábor Csörögi, Réka Szívós


Péter Kerekes 

Krisztina Somogyi 

Ágnes Szabóné Zsida