The Lamb with the Golden Fleece
Date:2018.03.18 | Duration: 50 Minutes 3+

The young István Kormos wrote many old traditional national folk tales in rhyming verse, so we have decided to adapt three of those for the puppet stage: the first story is about a gluttonous wolf, the second one about a devious bear and the third about a wonderfully dancing lamb with golden fleece. The three different stories are staged in three different visual settings. The stories are woven together by the rhymes and the beautiful and traditional music of Béla Ágoston.

Ages 4 years up.

Writer: István Kormos
Designer: Gábor Balla, Katalin Bérces, Gabriella Makhult
Music: Béla Ágoston
Direction: László Rumi (Blattner Géza Award winner)
Cast: Patrik Miller, Dorottya Lucia Taba, Réka Szívós, Gábor Csöregi, Csongor Berta