Name of organisation: Cicada Puppet Theatre (Kabóca Bábszínház)
Identification number of organisation: Kabóca Kabóca E10247742
Type of organisation: institution funded by the city

Protection of children’s rights is a pivotal question for institutions whose main profile is based on children. Especially important is their right to the arts. Cicada Puppet Theatre agrees with these principles, thus our artistic projects are striving to comply with the principal goals set by Veszprém 2023 ECC: each programme should be sustainable and eco-friendly; they should be accessible to everyone, and address children. We are working on following these values in our daily operation, having established an artistic plan whose central question focusses on how art products can be created in the most sustainable way possible – in our case, puppet theatre performances.

We believe that Cicada Puppet Theatre must pay special attention to sustainability because children encounter theatre-related routines and environment for the first time in their lives in the puppet theatre, therefore it is of utmost importance to show them how we treat materials, make use of resources, not to mention that in the puppet theatre, a tiny piece of wood, a droplet of water or a handful of earth can come to life, and be of symbolic significance. The only limit is that of our imagination.