The history of Kabóca (’cicada’) as an independent puppet group goes back to 1992, but the professional theatre life dates just from 2001 when the local government took over the financing of Kabóca. The theatre is lucky to have its own puppets, costumes, and scenic workshop. Kabóca generally produces four or five new puppet performances per season for children and pupils, and we are experimenting with performances for a teenage audience as well. When preparing a new production, our guideline is to respect the strong puppeteering traditions of our nation, but still keep up with the contemporary arts. Well-known and canonical pieces from international fable literature as well as new, fresh, contemporary tales can be seen in our repertoire. Playfulness, musical interest, sensibility for fine arts, and a very strong animation knowledge define the company’s thinking.

Kabóca organises a two-day-long art festival, Kabóciádé, every June, as well as other professional activities, such as drama pedagogy sessions, post-show discussions, and puppet dramaturgy conferences with workshops.